Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gratuitous Glamour Shots of Christmas Decorations

I'm feeling lazy, so this is all just pictures. 
Everyone likes pictures better than my blathering anyway.

Our Tree! The End.
(I kid) 

The Office, sporting a new light fixture, and handmade wreath

More wreath

EVEN MORE wreath.  
What's that white thing you ask? Oh just a flower made of cupcake liners, no biggie

Lights around the door to the office from the dining room 

  Mantel from the right!

Mantel from the left!

FYI. I like sparkly things. In case you couldn't tell.

Sexy Close Ups:

Yes, that's Kostof making a cameo. That's for you, fellow architects. 

Bark and pine cones collected from the backyard. 
And then I painted the pine cones with leftover house paint. 
Behr Swiss Coffee to be exact.
 Because I know you all want to spend hours painting pine cones as well...

 Dining room center piece. 
Pine scented candle to make up for the fact I have a fake tree.
I'll get a real one next year, I promise.

  Yey china cabinet! Yey excessive amount of goblets!

Tree! In the dining room.

Fancied up mirror in the living room on the buffet. 
Mirror was found in the attic, window sash is from the Albany Historic Parts Warehouse.

More painted pine cones; 80s brass sconce I still haven't replaced.

 Living room windows. Still living with the sweeeet mini blinds. Gack.
Santa, if you're reading this, please leave 16 roman shades, of eco-friendly, 100% wool felt under the tree. That'd be super.

 Kitchen, with sparkly green ribbon.

And Frosty, of course. Made by my ever talented mother.

I have cute white lights outside, but's finally gotten cold here, so I refuse to go outside to take a picture of them right now. Or maybe ever?

Happy Holiday Season!

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  1. Impressive decorating... stay with a real tree next year, you have to have a fake tree for over 30 years for it's environmental impact to be less than a real tree!