Before & After

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom After:

Kitchen Before:

 Before: Pantry and radiator that were removed
Before: View into living and dining rooms, pantry at left, door to side stairs.

After: Stove where pantry used to be.
You can see the floor patch where the wall was removed.

And you almost can't tell this area isn't finished yet. Exhaust hood and finishing of backsplash should be done by the end of the year...?

Before: West window wall, after upper cabinets had been removed.
Note ipod - tunes required for renovation work. 

After: West window wall. Bye bye gross. Hello pretty.
Before: South wall, everyone's favorite setup for appliances. Not.

 After: South wall: Find landscape picture!

Had to get creative with the backsplash to hide the fact that the windows don't align.
Also, chickens that used to be in my grandmother's kitchen.

My fancy Hansgrohe faucet - the original Delta one that I installed had a tiny plastic piece that broke twice and lead to flooding and washing of dishes in the bathtub. Argh.

Relocated laundry and my 4ft cabinet that I rescued from the trash.

Pantry cabinet tucked next to fridge for easy unloading of groceries.

China cabinet for dish storage and to hide the view of side of the fridge.
Wall art again courtesy of Gram. Also just one of my aprons that I am never without.