Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Furniture Projects

Because I don't have a TV, I have alot of free time. So I do things like this.

First up, a heat lamp (?) thing that I found in my basement after the Great Flood of the Spring. Hence the crud.

Pow! Cleaning ninja strikes again. Scrubby + plenty of hose action and a dash of Brasso and it's super shiny and lovely.

Detail shot of rusty crud

Now it just has "patina"

Second project, a craigslist dresser scored for 30 bucks. I didn't really need a dresser. At all. But I could not pass it up. So I remembered a dresser from Chelsea Textiles Ltd. that I really liked and decided to actually paint a piece of furniture. 


It took alot. But, the drawer faces were laminate and the top/sides were covered in poly, so no "original finish" was harmed during the production of this project.

Start: Wash it down and lightly sand the surfaces. Go to Home Depot and get a sample of  Behr Premium Ultra interior flat in "Manuscript".
Chicken out and just paint the drawer fronts. Contemplate just the gray for a while. Wonder how hard it would be to remove the integral handles. Look for long drawer pulls on the interwebs. Gasp at the prices.

Proceed to buy some of that new Martha Stewart paint in "Antique Gold". Paint integral wood handles. (I'm still on the fence as to painting the rest of the dresser. I am leaning towards just going for it. I can always un-paint it. I'm really good at that by now.)

Hunt around for more things to paint "Antique Gold". Bingo! Antique plant stand that's been in my family forever. It's inlaid wood veneer top was ruined years ago by water, and the top has been ugly ever since. Martha to the rescue! 
So I don't have a better picture than this, but the whole top and cross braces and interior face of the legs were painted, and now it's gorgeous again. Win.

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