Friday, October 21, 2011

I've been a terrible blogger, part 1 of 1027764959

I SWEAR I've been working on the house all summer. So in no particular order, I present various projects, also known as "why I don't have a social life" or my favorite, "my first gray hair".

Project 1: Ongoing Backyard Shenanigans.

Backyard Cleanup: Dead Tree is gone and no longer threatening to toppled over on my car!

Garden Time: Cleaned out bramble, roots, rocks, and debris for vegetable garden.

Bricks found throughout the yard and the house were used as a border.

Hard to see, but on the sloped part below the brick, we planted "Mojito Mile" - about 10 mint plants, to stabilize the soil and support our lifestyle. Which requires alot of mojitos in the summertime.

Old clay drainage tile and pieces of rock made nice little steps.

I used organic fertilizer on the plants about a week after they were planted. This stuff was plant crack, because they started growing and never stopped. It's October 21st right now, and I have to go pick green beans tonight. And I live in upstate NY! 
We used cut down saplings to "build" a bean trellis and tomato plant supports. Tomato plants which easily reached 6ft tall. I told you. Plant. Crack.
Also, I planted far too much basil. 24 plants. We're only two girls! It now resides in the freezer as pesto for those days in February and March when the weather makes you want to smother yourself with a pillow, so maybe not a terrible outcome.

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