Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Backyard Beat Down, Part 3

 Old rusty eye sore of a fence:


We ripped it out with a truck, which took about 2 seconds, as opposed to my plan of digging it out by hand, which would have taken two days.  I cheered, the neighbors cheered, it was a great moment.  There was, of course, a ton of branches and vines and tree parts and broken windows intermingled and stuffed behind the lovely fence that I'm still going through.  I separated it by size and started bundling it all so I don't get another sticker from the city saying "We're weenies, and need all this brush neatly bundled so we can lift it two feet into the truck, even though we're huge men and you're only 5'6" and carried it all the way from the back of your property," or something to that effect.  

We also ripped out the metal electrical conduit, stump, and cmu that had marked the corner of the veg garden.  Everyone knows that the fewer tripping hazards I have around, the better...

My neighbor saw deer behind our houses Sunday morning! I know we have some overgrown backyards near us and a couple of pocket parks, but I didn't think they'd be in the middle of a city? Guess I should watch out for ticks and perhaps invest in some fencing for the garden so the deer don't think it's a buffet laid out just for them.

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