Friday, November 16, 2012

Changing Table/Dresser for Baby Jane!

A furniture project!

So I promised Krista a changing table/dresser for Baby Jane. After several false starts, one ill advised purchase still sitting in my basement, and countless hours frittered away on Craigslist, I ended finding this beauty at the flea market where half the furniture in my house is from. I should have known not to look anywhere else!  It was the right length, depth, and height. It was just badly dinged and scratched up, with missing hardware, and peeling veneer. Oh, and the drawers didn't really slide either. Like I said, perfect!

So mom and I threw it in the SUV and got it home. Scrubbing ensued. Then Citra-Strip on the top to get off bubbled and gooey varnish. And then sanding the top to try and remove the scratches and dents.

The drawers needed major help in order to function again.  I removed the guides on the bottom, sanded them down and glued/nailed them back into place. All the edges of the drawers were planed and sanded down so they would fit again. Then I glued and clamped all the corners and edges where the veneer was pulling away.  Next I removed the old hardware - clanky, noisy drop pulls are no good for a baby's room!  After filling in the old holes, I installed the gold knobs that I found at Home Depot that very closely matched the original ones on the top two drawers.  

The drawer fronts and dresser top and side inset panels got a coat of Rustoleum gray universal primer and 4 coats of semi gloss paint in Behr's Cozumel (an awesome blue that matched the crib set).

The parts that stayed wood I carefully scrubbed/polished with super fine steel wool and Dr. Bronner's Castile soap in Almond. It smells totally delish and is all natural. After I was done, it shone like new!

For some reason, the stain still bled through somewhat on the top, but after a ton more paint didn't help, I gave up and called it "antiqued".

- Before -

- After -

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