Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evolution of the fireplace

The fireplace was deceptive. It looks kinda ok here, minus the giant gold doors that are totally ruining the proportions of it.
I've seen worse

Fun grime after removing doors

Yey clean!

 Because I couldn't leave well enough alone, and because I'm just wallowing in free extra time, I decided to paint the brick. It's scored brick, so it collects dirt and hair like crazy. I figured if it was painted, it would do less of that. So here we go:

First pass, just the brick faces. Interior and yucky sconces now pretty and black.

Did I forget to do those grout lines under the accent? Yes, yes I did.
And that's why paint fumes are bad for you kids.
Painting happened this weekend too. The two large rooms are done. Ceiling, trim, walls. Done. Everything in the place will be Behr's Turtle Dove on the walls. It's a light green that plays nicely with the pecan color of the floors. Also, green is soothing. Quiet tenants, quiet...

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