Thursday, April 16, 2015

Energy Upgrades, Action Shots!

After the crazy cold finally broke and it was above 20 degrees, the guys started the blown-in insulation.  It took about a week and a half due to the large size of the house and the fact that it has all sorts of extra blocking in it so they had to drill even more holes than normal. That's going to be fun when I finally get around to painting the house!

Stage One: I have to do what? 
This is what happens when you're a hoarder and you have to clear out your attic so guys can air seal it.
Good thing I have so many bedrooms.

Stage 2: It looks like giant wood borer bees are attacking my house. 

Apparently my aluminum siding is some real vintage stuff. Like some of the first siding ever made in the late 40s after WW2. Which means the first slacker to own this place might have been the original owner, who couldn't be bothered to paint it a mere 20 years after it was built. It also means it's super thick and doesn't have mounting strips/clips/nonsense so it's really hard to re-attach. The guys working on the house had never seen it before and were concerned about messing it up when they went to put it back on. After I stopped laughing, I told them that after someone hits your house with a car, you don't really worry about dents in the siding anymore. Also, it's already so fantastic looking, dents could only enhance the appeal. Ahem.

The house is looking really great right now.

Wood siding seems to be in excellent condition, so my dreams of
ripping off the aluminum siding aren't so farfetched afterall.

Stage 3: Holy shit balls everything is covered in dust, how did heat ever stay in my house, ever, at all.
Snuck in through the radiator pipe hole.

No wonder the tub was always so cold, aka this closet is now a dust bin.

Well well well. Air leakage anyone? No wonder why this was such a good place to store wine.
Stage 4: Bye bye rust bucket boilers. We were the same age, I'll miss you. Not.

Mid heating system replacement.


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