Monday, November 24, 2014

Home Energy Audit, Round 2

...So without getting into a whole thing, let's just say that I parted ways with the previous company that was going to do work on my house due to various reasons.

I had a second energy audit done in late September by McLagan Home Performance Services. This has been a vastly better experience all around. I am about to sign paperwork for them to proceed with several measures:
  • The heating systems and hot water heaters for both apartments will be replaced with Navien Combi units, so the scary rusting boxes shall go, freeing up a lot of space in the basement. 
  • Spray foam the rim joists in the basement.
  • The walls are going to have cellulouse blown-in and dense packed, which will make the house less drafty and more cozy - no more icy cold exterior walls! 
  • They will also be air sealing the attic. I'll have to blow in new insulation myself because I topped out the amount of the NYSERDA loan, but if other people on the interwebs can do it, so can I!
They've estimated that we'll save $1,162/year in energy costs, not to mention be way more comfortable.  Maybe I won't have to swaddle myself in blankets for the entire winter! What freedom!

I've also started going around and replacing all the sash locks on my windows. Due to settling of the house, most of the windows don't meet nice and flush anymore, and the old locks were not really doing their job. And you all know I can't stand slackers. So I popped over to Lee Valley Tools website and scooped up a ton of the cheapest locks they had: Sprung Draw Catches.  I've never had the slightest problem with anything I've ever ordered from there, and baby's on a budget. Because I have like 50 windows here people. Seriously, not gonna drop fifteen bucks on a single lock.

Old sad lock, and yes all these windows still need to be restored. I know. I know. Baby Steps.

Each lock had to be re-shimed and aligned, but it was totally worth it. A tight lock draws the sashes together to reduce drafts at the meeting rail. Coupled with some rope caulk, the office and living room windows are draft free (ish)! The icing on my window upgrade cake is the new thermal roman shades that I got from JCPenney. They were having one of their ridiculous sales (like 75% off!) so I was able to get 10 shades for about $22 each.

Fairly crappy photo, but you get the gist.

They are more of an air barrier material than thick and poofy and insulating, but they are working great. Both rooms are noticeably warmer and less drafty, which is important to this cold hearted bitch lady. I finished my little whirlwind project by adding some weatherstripping to the doors in the dining room.

Now onto finishing the bathroom window!

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