Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Before and Afters Part 2

Annnnnd 3 months later, I finally get myself to show you the rest of the apartment...

The bathroom was deceiving to the untrained eye. It had been remodeled within the last 5 years previous to me buying the house. However, none of the underlying issues had been fixed, i.e. leaky pipes and around the tub area. And the workmanship on the install of finishes was abysmal. No one tile aligned with any other on the floor or on the wall. And it was dirty brown beige. All plumbing fixtures were the cheapest you could get and thus the sink faucet was always leaking, and there was a particularly dramatic evening I spent in the closet installing a new shower kit, including multiple trips to Home Depot, and a mental breakdown while sitting on the floor next to a dirty litter box. Also the electrical was a mess, fairly dangerous, and made no sense. And the toilet seat was the wrong size. And brown vinyl base. I mean, come onnnnnn.



I am particularly proud of the radiator cover and built-in wall on the left, I wish I had a better picture to show you all. It came out exactly like the rendering I had done of it.

No more Glacier Bay piece of crap plastic valves and handles! Also all the tiling is done correctly...

So what did we do? All new electrical, rebuilt the control wall in the tub, fully waterproofed the shower area, new tile on the walls, removed several layers of tile flooring and installed new hex tile, added a built-in for storage, replaced missing trim, installed a new fan/light combo, painted the existing vanity lighting fixture black, cleaned the sink vanity, repainted the medicine cabinet, and added a new sink faucet and plumbing. And new paint on all trim and walls (after much scraping and caulking). And a properly size toilet seat, which surprisingly really helped de-ghetto the room.

Best of all because all labor was free (me!), this was all done for less than $400 dollars. The electrician oversaw and inspected the work I did in here as he was doing some last minute outlet & light box changes in the other rooms. Granted, there was a lot of terrible work, and getting very tired of being in the "cell", but in the end, it was so worth it.

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