Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In which I get back to renovation

The tenants have moved out. All is quiet. And covered in a layer of cat hair. 
Let the games begin.

Dining Room Before:
  • Acoustical tiles glued to ceiling - ugly, staying, but repaired and painted
  • Gold ceiling fan - ugly, but it works, so staying, but painted black
  • Hardwood flooring - to be refinished
  • Wood trim - peeling, so scraped caulked and repainted
  • Electrical outlets - to be updated so they are grounded and aren't ancient

Yeah. That looks useful and not at all likely to burst into flames at any second.

Living Room Before:

Same as dining room, but with uglier sconces and alot more caulking needed...

And now the kitchen... If this is "the cleanest it's ever been!" I weep.

  • 60's Era Plywood cabinets - not in terrible shape? to be cleaned and painted
  • Blue countertop - newish,but blue? seriously?, to be painted black
  • Tan linoleum - to be removed, along with any and all layers underneath
  • Ceiling Fan - In a kitchen? Really? Out out out.
  • Stained dropped ceiling - Surprisingly, also on my NO list

Above this upper cabinet has never? been cleaned. Close enough to never to seriously gross me out. Also, close up of the wonderful blue. Outlets will be put into the wall, not surface mounted in gross beige conduit.

Cute little metal cabinet next to stove. 
Its side and the floor below is covered in spilled balsamic vinegar. Animals.

Contact paper that hasn't been changed in a decade or three.

Bedrooms Before:
  • Same awesome ceilings
  • Rug, not old, but smells of cat piss. Delish.
  • Square ceiling fixture - being replaced with pretty schoolhouse fixture

 Glow in the dark paint on the trim. It has glowed its last glow.

Bedroom closet abutting the bathroom. I have spent many hours in here when it was full of crap fixing the plumbing. Seeing as we will be replacing all the plumbing, one hopes I have seen the last of this little shop of horrors closet.

Onto the bathroom!
Outlet where a sconce used to be, light linked with overhead fan. To be painted?
All sorts of terrifying electrical awaits me in the bathroom. Fun!

Oh tile. Why why why. No tile level with the next. All I can say is bye baby bye.

 The tour ends with a Beiber cutout in the window. That is all.


  1. I can't wait to see what you've done!

  2. The bieber cut out is staying, I assume?

  3. The above comment was me, Margaret. It made me sign into aim to post but then didn't put my name there... weird. I think you description of yourself as "20 something" is adorable. Lol anyways, can't wait to see finished product. Is there a goal for the potential income? You have to make it like the show and give me math to get excited about while you make the work look much easier than it should look.

  4. I am twenty something plus a little...? FINE, maybe I should update that! I'll do a post about the math and the demo tonight.