Friday, November 5, 2010

Post Halloween Bash

Last week I swear all I did was haul trash out of the house.  Bag after bag of plaster and lathe and tile and linoleum.  If you have never done this, these bags are heavy.  Really heavy.  Bonus is now I'm as strong as an ox. And my house has a weird reverse-moat of trash surrounding it.  Because, yes, I am too cheap to get a dumpster and will take all the trash to the dump myself, in the Honda Fit.  It should only take 1,000 trips.  Also I spent 3 hours romancing my ancient metal storm windows with a large can of WD40.  Most of them succumbed to my charms - only one hold out in the dining room.  Also did a survey of which windows need the most help.  The top window in the side stairway wins!  No ropes and no parting bead, so the bottom sash stays in there only through the grace of god I assume.

I also removed the kitchen cabinets last week.  
They mostly removed themselves after a slight nudge with the hammer.

Fun gross stuff under the sink!

Lonely sink with none of his cabinet friends around.

This was all in preparation for the halloween party.

And this week, in which I get the floors refinished!

Yey Floors! 

 Oh and the kitchen cabinets came early so here they are, filling up the kitchen and getting in everyone's way.  Good thing they forgot to send/make the two lazy susans; they would have never fit.  I called the company and they put them on rush order, so they should be here in a little while.  Take your time, I have nowhere to put them!  

So the plumber finally got back to me with an estimate after two weeks.  About 6,500 dollars. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.  Well we won't be doing that now will we?!  My floor guy may have someone and I just may have to learn how to plumb some things myself.  It's just pex after all, how hard can it be?  Sounds like a very impressive DIY project to me.

No one has gotten back to me about the attic.  Isn't this the Great Recession? Don't you people need work like I need the squirrels gone?  Apparently not.  This is not a DIY.  It's 2nd story soffits, and I don't do tall ladders. Hell, I don't do short ladders.  The step stool is all I can manage before getting hideous vertigo.  So someone else has to do this.  Considering trying to find monkeys to go up there to fix it. They're nimble and seem good with hammers.  Also,they could probably murder the squirrels for me.  I'm over the trapping idea.  I want those little furry jerks dead as door nails.

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