Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Moly! I'm buying a house!

Here's the set-up. 
Three weeks before the homebuyer credit ran out, I was convinced to look into buying/investing, seeing as my lease would soon be up and mortgage rates were low. What the hell, I thought.  I guess you're supposed to plan and save for this sort of thing, but flying by the seat of your pants is so much more fun! 

Fast forward through 2 hectic weeks of looking at a dozen multi-family properties with my awesome realtor, Heather Hansen of Prudential Manor Homes, and I see the listing for this property.  I viewed it a day later and I put an offer on it that afternoon. With the house under contract, I set about getting it inspected, but not before I had surgery to remove my pesky gallbladder. (Fabulous timing, as usual) Five days after surgery, I followed around my inspector as he pointed out everything wrong with the house (alot!) as my mom followed me around, furiously scribbling notes and trying to make sure I didn't pass out.  I took pictures and tried to look alert. After three more weeks and much back and forth, the sellers actually fixed all the major items noted on the inspection.  Memorial Day was the bank inspection and it seems that we are on target for a mid June closing.

The property is in the St. Rose area of Albany.  Built as a one family in 1890, it's an (almost) American Foursquare style.  Converted in the 1950s to a 3 unit, it has 2 studio apartments downstairs and a two bedroom apartment upstairs, where I intend to live.  Besides appliances, nothing has been updated since the conversion, which would scare a normal person, but makes me excited, and a bit touched in the head.  I love redesigning spaces to be the most efficient possible, all while spending as little as possible, because frankly, that's all I have!

This blog is my attempt to catalog all those efforts for my friends to laugh over.  Sketches, pictures, and stories to follow in the coming months!

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